Vidapay / Verizon Prepaid / Xfinity Home Internet

Rolando Lopez: Account Executive - C: 614.966.6909  l  E: 

Account reactivation/billing:


Activation/Port-In, Rebate, Spiffs:


Add/Remove products, device reassignment, pending approvals:

Vidapay Dealer Support Line: 877-956-2359

Login to Vidapay for the 1st Time:

When a Brand New Account is created for a dealer, these are the steps to follow to login for the very 1st time.  Note that there will be a total of 3 emails with 2FA codes that need to be entered at different steps:

1. Go to

2. Click "Forgot Password" and enter the Account ID and the username.

3. The dealer needs to check their email for an email from Vidapay with 2FA 8-digit code . Enter the code.

4. The dealer is prompted to create a new password. Enter the new password. Now login to the account.

5. The system wants to Verify the Computer Device being used - Another email with 2FA code is sent.

7. Find the code and enter it correctly and Choose "Trust this device"

8. If documents are needed to be uploaded, the Document Manager will be displayed - Another 2FA code is sent.

9. Enter the 2 FA code, load the 3 documents, Check the box and click Submit.

10. Done!

H2O Wireless

Ygoberto Mambru -  Account Coordinator  Telrite Holdings

(201) 585-3628

For assistance regarding (H2O Direct) please email   master transfer

H2O Wireless Dealer Support (800) 939-1261


Curtis Aycock
Sales Manager | Gen Mobile

M: (209) 740-9558

Jackie Falcon | Gen Mobile

O: (800) 378-7127 x702 | M: (818) 481-0777

GenMobile Dealer Support Line: (833) 436-6624  -  Office Hours: 7am - 5:30pm PST - email:

Epay / AT&T


Andrea Griswald: 

AT&T Dealer Support 800-288-2020    EPAY Dealer Hotline 800-983-9385