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No, this option is only available on H2O’s customer website. If a customer asks for this, you can offer the multi-line plan which offers the customers the $30 H2O plan for $25 per line. There are other discounts you could offer with the multi-month plans, auto-recharge, and H2O phone bundles. Please call our sales office for more details.

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Multi-Line Plans

No, at this time current H2O customers cannot be submitted to multi-line plans.

No, Family Lines are a product from the H2O Wireless website. To refill H2O Family Plans, please call H2O Customer Service to complete the air time payment: 800-643-1261 Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information regarding this.


No, to change credit card information for a customer on auto-recharge, you can call H2O Dealer Support at 1-800-939-1261 or the customer can go to The customer will stay registered with you if they do this.

Customer’s on auto-recharge will receive a text asking for payment if the auto payment does not go through. If the customer wishes to cancel being on auto recharge or wants to us a different method of payment, please call one of the numbers listed at the bottom of the page.

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