10 Verizon Hotspot MHS900L Pack A-Stock

This pack comes with 10 Verizon Triple SIM Cards
And 10 MHS900L hotspots in a white box
This is the biggest savings in the industry
1.3" Display
2100 mAh Battery
Wall/USB Charger Included

Wholesale 10 Verizon Hotspot MHS900L Pack A-Stock

This Pack includes 10 Verizon MHS900L A-stock Hotspots and it is an amazing deal to sell at your stores. Hotspots are our most popular products, Sign up with us if you haven’t already or Call us at 314-771-5797 to become Verizon Prepaid Dealer and we will get you on board.

Verizon MHS900L is a mobile Hotspot which you can carry with you everywhere, its compact small size will even fit inside your pocket. Verizon Jetpack components include Power/Menu button, Power Indicator, Display, Charger Port, Back Cover Notch, Factory Reset Button, SIM Card stopper, Battery, and a SIM Card slot. This device connects up to 8 devices at a time and the Bluetooth operating distance is up to 30 ft. There is a display icon which indicates the different status of the icons like Network Signal Strength, Activity Indicator, Connected Devices, Roaming Indicator, Messages, Battery Charge Indicator, Charging and SIM Indicator. Verizon MHS900L is equipped with a replaceable rechargeable battery which will last up to 10 hrs. without charging.  Connecting or Pairing your devices with the hotspot is super easy and it is self-explanatory. You can work effectively anywhere you are with the most reliable Network in America at 4G LTE speed. The Download speed is at 5-12 Mbps and the Upload speed is at 2-5 Mbps.

Verizon MHS900L Hotspot is one of the best product to attract customers to your store.