5 H2O Blu Zoey Flex Pack

150.0 USD


This BLU Zoey Flex Bundle Includes
5 BLU Zoey Flex
5 SIM with $30.00 Plan

BLU Zoey Flex
1.8" Display
VGA Camera

Wholesale Blu Zoey Flex Phones with H2O Wireless $30 Plan - 5 Pack Bundle

This 5 Pack bundle includes five BLU Zoey Flex Phones and five H2O Wireless $30 plan. For our dealers, this 5 pack bundle is priced at a wholesale rate for our dealers. Sign up with us, SHOP & SAVE!!

       BLU Zoey Flex Phone Specs

             Display                                    1.8" Color Display

            Technology                             GSM

            Phone type                              Flip Phone with Keypad

            Messaging services              SMS

            Wireless Interface                 Bluetooth 2.1
            SIM Card Slot                         Dual-SIM             

            Internal Memory card            MicroSDHC- Up to 32 GB

            RAM                                           32MB

            Notifications                           Music ringtones, Vibration, Phone profiles, Flight mode, Silent mode, Speakerphone

            Hearing aid compatibility      M4, T4

            Phone functions                     Speaker Phone, Call timer, Vibrating Alert

             Camera                                       VGA


    H2O Wireless SIM Card with $30 Plan features:


  • Unlimited International Talk, text nationwide and International Talk, Text to 50+ countries 

  • 4G LTE data up to 6GB if activated before 07/31/2019 and Unlimited 2G speed thereafter.

  • H2O Wireless Smart SIM Card comes with Standard, Micro, and Nano sizes and it is compatible with AT&T or GSM Unlocked handsets

  • Features nationwide AT&T Network coverage with no contract Prepaid Wireless Plan

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