H2O Wireless Micro SIM Card

0.5 USD


Minimum is 20 SIM Cards per order.

        Unlimited Prepay Distribution is an Authorized H2O Wireless Master Distributor. If you wish to become H2O Wireless Dealer, Sign Up here or call us at 314-771-5797 and we will help you get on board.


 H2O Wireless Micro SIM Card Features: 

  • H2O Wireless Micro SIM Card fits Micro SIM Card Slot only. it is compatible with AT&T and GSM Unlocked phones.

  • H2O Wireless Unlimited Prepaid Plans starts with $20/month and Pay As You Go Plans starts as low as $10

  • All Monthly Prepaid Plans includes Unlimited Talk, Text Nationwide and International Talk, Text to 50+ countries.

  • Stay covered on a Nationwide 4G LTE network with No Contract Prepaid Wireless.

  • Pay As You Go includes talk, text, and data charged based on your data usage and also rollover balance. 
    Learn more about H2O Wireless here

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