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  • EPAY Dealer Hotline 800-983-9385  

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  • AT&T Dealer Support 800-288-2020 

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    Vina   (314) 474-0838

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    Main Phone Number: (314) 771-5797

AT&T Prepaid Plans

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35GB Hotspot
HD Streaming

100GB Cloud Storage

Calling to & Roaming In Mexico & Canada
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eSIM Activations on EPay

With AT&T PREPAID, you can activate eSIM-enabled devices in your store, available now in webpos.

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When Activating an AT&T line using an iPhone on EPay, the system will automatically detect if the iPhone is eSIM compatible and will proceed with the eSIM Activation.  You will NOT be prompted to enter a SIM card Number.  Compatible iPhones are models XS and above.

MAKE SURE THAT THE iPhone is connected to the WiFi.

While setting up your iPhone over Wi-Fi®, your eSIM might download automatically or you might be prompted to install an AT&T cellular plan. If you have wireless service bars or you can make a call, you’re all set.

Still don’t have service? Try this:

1.  Connect to Wi-fi.
2.  Swipe down from the top of your screen to open your notifications.
3.  Choose the 
AT&T Cellular Plan Ready to be Installed  notification
4.  Select 
Continue .

Don’t see a notification? You might have to activate your iPhone first.


Customer can:

1.      Ask the customer to attach to wi-fi   Go to Settings>AT&T Plan Ready to be Installed.

o    If not listed, go to Settings>Cellular>Add a Plan to confirm.

2.      Choose the option to install the AT&T Plan (eSIM).

After completion, the eSIM is now in the Installed state.

IMEI Check Tool for AT&T Compatible Phones   

Check The Port-In Status Click to Check the Port-in Status

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