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$25 Rebate is now INSTANT & moved to 1st Month Activation on ALL DEVICES and BUNDLES in the HDN Marketplace!!!

  1. This is a big move to put more investment into dealers who will make even more margins.

  2. The Cingular Flex Bundle will cost $7.40 but with the $20 plan included can also be a Free Device offer as well as Calypso 3 Bundle. Plus other devices will get good discounts all around

  3. No more confusion on devices that receive $25 rebate on the 2nd month until further notice

  4. Prior purchased devices and bundles bought from marketplace will receive $25 rebate when activation done on HDN Portal

  5. $25 rebate on 1st month after activation will be applied to non-bundled devices for multi-line activations up to 4 lines as we base this on the IMEI

  6. Bundled Devices with first month included can’t be combined to activate our multi-line promotion for activations.  These will be single activations only

2 Lines - $50 Plan for ONLY $50 , 3 Lines - $50 Plan for ONLY $75 , 4 Lines - $50 Plan for ONLY $100
With 200% SPIFF

Need SIM cards?  Click the image to order now.

New Multi-Line Plans

DOUBLE International Calling Credit

$20 Plan: $3 ILD Credit

$30 Plan: $10 ILD Credit

$40 Plan: $10 ILD Credit

$50 Plan: $10 ILD Credit

$60 Plan: $10 ILD Credit

ROAMING in Canada & Mexico on ALL PLANS

$20 Plan: $5 Roaming Credit

$30 Plan: $10 Roaming Credit

$40 Plan: $10 Roaming Credit

$50 Plan: $10 Roaming Credit

$60 Plan: $20 Roaming Credit

300% SPIFF on The $20 & $30 Month Plans

75% INSTANT SPIFF               + 75% SPIFF for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Months.

Dealer's Activation Cost:

$20 Plan: $5

$30 Plan: $7.50

$25 Rebate On ALL HDN Handsets & Discounts

Earn INSTANT $25 device rebate for devices purchased from the marketplace including:

Apple iPhone XR 64GB - 20% off

AT&T Motivate 2 – 10% off

Apple iPhone 8 64GB – 10% off

Samsung Galaxy A10e – 10% off

H2O ®  Wireless offers no-contract wireless services for every need and budget on the nation’s largest and most reliable GSM network, AT&T Network. Get unlimited nationwide and international talk and text, data, pay as you go plans and more with phones from every major brand. Or, use H2O Wireless with your existing iPhone, Android or other smartphone with a new H2O® SIM – all with no activation, overages or hidden fees. Consumers get to choose from a wide selection of monthly plans that range from $20 to $70 per month, 12-month Plans that start at $5/month, Data Only Plans, and Pay As You Go Minute Plans.  Retailers can earn up to 225% SPIFF, 3% Residual (5% Residual if Retailer signs customers on Auto Refill), and 6% Airtime Margins.  All while enjoying the use of the absolute BEST Dealer Portal in the market, H2ODirectNow.com.  Just watch some of the video clips below to see some sampling of the Dealer Portal's features.

Premier & Elite Retailer Tiers

Premier Retailer:

Just 5 to 10 Activations Per Month will earn you:

  1. FREE $30 Plan Dealer Demo Line paid for by H2O Wireless

  2. Additional 1% BONUS RTR for a total of 7% RTR Discount.

Elite Retailer:

Just 11 or more Activations Per Month will earn you:

  1. SECOND FREE $30 Plan Dealer Demo Line paid for by H2O Wireless

  2. Additional 2% BONUS RTR for a total of 8% RTR Discount.

This is all in addition to the 3% Residual & Activation SPIFF!



H2O Wireless

Earn up to 300% MRC

12-Month Plans As Low As $5/Month!


Extended to 8/31/2023

300% SPIFF & $25 Marketplace Rebate.  Earn 300% SPIFF on the $20 & $30 Month Plans. Earn $25 Rebate on Marketplace Devices used for Activations.


Four New 12-Months Plans

New 12-Months Plans starting as low as $5 Per Month!


How To Request Refunds For Failed Transactions

H2O Wireless Risk Free Guarantee allows you to submit a request to cancel a transaction (activation, port-in or refill) within 24 to 48 hours to qualify for refund. The process is simple, watch this short video.

How To & FAQ Guide  

How to use the H2O Direct Now Dealer Portal.

Click the link above to download "h2o-direct-welcome-pack".


H2O Wireless SIM Card Activation

eSIM Activation is now available on the Dealer Portal.


H2O Wireless Port-In


H2O Wireless Refills


H2O Wireless Reports


H2O Wireless

Login to the dealer portal for the 1st time or reset your password.

Activating eSIM on the iPhone

Make sure your device is connected to wi-fi or cellular service.

If you don’t see "H2O Wireless plan is ready to be installed’ then follow these steps.

1. Please check your phone is running the latest software (Settings> General> Software Update) "Latest Version".

2. Go to Settings> Cellular and press the "Add a Cellular Plan" link. Your eSIM will now download and install

Step 1

On your phone find and open the “Settings” app

Step 2

Click “H2O Wireless Cellular Plan Ready to be Install”

Step 3

Click “Continue”

How do I know if my iphone or Samsung is unlocked?

▪ If the device is on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan, it probably is unlocked. If you’re still not sure, you may contact the current carrier to ask or follow these easy steps:

▪ On iPhone models iOS 14 and above:

  1. Go to “Settings.”

  2. Scroll down and click on “General.”

  3. From there, click on “About.”

  4. Scroll down and look for the phrase “Carrier Lock.” If it says “No SIM restrictions” your phone is unlocked

  • For eSIM compatible Samsung Models (Android)
    • Open Settings.
    • Tap "Connections", "Network and Internet", or other similar label.
    • Tap "Mobile Network", or similar.
    • Tap "Choose Network" or "Automatically Select Network". If your phone shows several available networks, it's unlocked.

Your device IMEI and 32 digit EID number.

No, ActFast code is not required to activate eSIM for H2O.

No, a QR code is NOT required to activate eSIM, just follow the simple steps provided in HDN to activate eSIM

The device IMEI and EID will need to be provided; the rest of the process is the same.

No, an eSIM can only be installed once on one device, This means that if you remove the eSIM from your device, it will not be possible to install it again.    

No, Androids device are not yet supported.      

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of eSIM is that your phone can have two SIM cards (and thus two phone numbers) on one device. This can be beneficial for someone like a business owner that wants both a personal line as well as a business line and doesn’t want to carry around two phones.   

H2O Wireless Plans

New 12-Month Plans


              New SPIFF

              300% SPIFF  on the $20, $30 Plans + 6% Airtime Margin + 3% Residual

              Not sure if you’re getting full spiff from H2O? 

              To Receive All Your SPIFF & Residual:

              1. Complete all Activations and Port-ins on H2ODirectNow.com (HDN)
              2. All Refills must be done on H2ODirectNow.com
              3. Or just sign up your customer on Auto Refill & Forget it!!