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email address: sales@unlimitedprepay.com - Phone# (314) 771-5797

Support Teams:

H2O Wireless: H2O@unlimitedprepay.com - Verizon Prepaid: VZW@unlimitedprepay.com

AT&T Prepaid: ATT@unlimitedprepay.com  - T-Mobile Prepaid: tmobile@unlimitedprepay.com

Application Form for All Products

 H2O Wireless Dealer Support (800) 939-1261

H2O Wireless Dealer Portal: https://h2odirectnow.com/

How to use the Dealer Portal:  How To & FAQ Guide

H2O Wireless Dealer Application: Click this link to complete the application form

When we receive the completed application form, it will be submitted to H2O Wireless within 1 to 2 buisness days.  If all information is complete and accurate, we expect the Approval to come in within 1 or 2 business days.  We will contact you to inform you of the update, take your 1st SIM Cards Order and schedule a training session for you and your team.

How to Check if an iPhone is UNLOCKED:

        ▪ On iPhone models iOS 14 and above:

    1. Go to “ Settings .”

    2. Scroll down and click on “ General .”

    3. From there, click on “ About .”

    4. Scroll down and look for the phrase “ Carrier Lock. ” If it says “ No SIM restrictions ” your phone is unlocked.

H2O Wireless APN Settings:

Vidapay Dealer Support Line: 877-956-2359

Verizon Dealer Support:  888-866-6924

STEPS for contacting Verizon Dealer Support:    Dial 888-866-6924 - Select Option 2 for Indirect Agents - Select Option 1 for Location Codes that begin with a letter  &  Enter the 7 digit Location Code: N905501 -  Follow Prompts (Option 2 for Codes that begin with N) - Select Option 1 for Prepaid

Verizon Prepaid Dealer Application Form: Click this Link to Complete the Online Dealer Application

AT&T Dealer Support 800-288-2020    EPAY Dealer Hotline 800-983-9385