Unlimited Prepay Distribution (UPD), Introducing: T-Mobile Prepaid

Dealer Application Process:

1. Complete this T-Mobile Prepaid Pre-Approval Application Form. 

2. The Application will be submitted to T-Mobile for Approval

3. Once Approved, the Dealer will be required to have an Active EPay Dealer Account with UPD.  If an EPay Account does not exist, one will be created.  While completing the T-Mobile Prepaid Application, you'll be asked if you have an epay account with UPD, if not you'll be required to complete that portion of the application form.

The Dealer's T-Mobile Prepaid Account will be Linked to the Dealer's EPay Account.  The Epay account will serve to fund all activations and refills, and to also receive all commission/SPIFF payments.

4. We will contact the Dealer and arrange for employee training on the new system & get the 1st order of the T-Mobile Prepaid SIM cards shipped out.

Click The button to navigate to the T-Mobile Dealer Portal

T-Mobile Prepaid Support

T-Mobile Prepaid

UPD T-Mobile Prepaid Team Support

  • John  (314) 272-4131  

    Jove (314) 887-4499

  • Shad (314) 925-1001  

    Brad (314) 665-1212

  •  Team EMAIL Address: TMOBILE@UnlimitedPrepay.com  

      Main Phone Number: (314) 771-5797

T-Mobile Prepaid Dealer Portal

How To Activate a new Line on the Dealer Portal.

eSIM Activations are available on the T-Mobile Prepaid Dealer Portal.

Family Plans: Primary Phone Number must be on the $40, $50 or $60 Plan.  You can add up to 4 more lines or $40, $50 or $60 plans, you may mix them up.  Any plan added will be discounted to $30 each.  Example: $40 Plan primary phone number can add One $40 Plan + Two $50 Plans + One $60 Plan.  The cost to the customer for each added line is $30. So all 5 lines will cost $160 per month.


Connect by T-Mobile
offers prepaid plans with talk, text, and high-speed data starting at just $15/mo.

INTERNATIONAL ADD-ONS FOR PLANS $15 AND UP  • Unlimited talk & text to and from Mexico & Canada +$5/mo.

• International talk & text to 70+ countries +$15/mo.
Click to Download the Connect By T-Mobile Plans (English & Spanish) 

There's a prepaid phone plan for everyone.

Choose the number of lines you need.

Dealer & Customer Support Procedure

T-Mobile Prepaid Customer Care 877-778-2106

Thank you.