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Spectrum Internet

Get Spectrum Internet® + FREE WiFi and Mobile.  Save over $400 with Spectrum One – sign up for Spectrum Internet with speeds from up to 300 Mbps and get Advanced WiFi and one Unlimited Mobile line FREE for 12 mos.

Spectrum TV

Get more choices with the channels you love and tons of streaming options. Customize your plan for the ultimate viewing experience.
-125+ available channels
-85,000+ On Demand titles
-Stream live and On Demand with Spectrum TV App

Spectrum Mobile

Help your customers save up to 60% on their wireless bill with the fastest-growing mobile provider in the nation.  Get fast Internet, FREE Advanced WiFi and one FREE Unlimited Mobile line for 12 months. Plus, Spectrum One includes Speed Boost for faster speeds on your mobile device.

Spectrum Voice

Spectrum Voice offers a reliable connection with no dropped calls, added taxes or fees. However, that’s just the beginning. Spectrum Voice customers can enjoy up to 28 different calling features that are unique to home phone service.

Axiom Armor ScreenFilm

The Best Protection for your Device

Hydrogel protective screen - Protects from wear and scratches

Greater elasticity - Oil and grease resistant

Impact absorption - Pleasant to the touch

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Unlimited Prepay Distribution (UPD) is a Master Agent for several major prepaid wireless services.  We strive to bring our retailers the best of the best in product offerings, services, and top commissions.

 H2O WirelessVerizon PrepaidGenMobile,  AT&T Prepaid, Xfinity Home Internet

Are some of the most desired services today.  Our strong relationship with each of these service providers allows us to be the BEST PARTNER for both: Them & You. We understand your business and what makes you money. We will be your eyes, ears and voice to represent your best interest in our work with each of the service providers.  Our promise is to focus on your best interest and invest in your success.

We do not stop there; we know that our success depends on your success.  We treat your business with the utmost care that we treat our own.  We offer many opportunities to help your business succeed in various ways:

1.          Do you need help advertising your business?  We offer UPPLUCK, our social media and marketing team is on standby to help your business extend its reach beyond your neighborhood and attract new customers that need your services.  The more customers that visit your business, the more sales you’ll make and the more commissions you’ll earn. Send us a Request for Contact here and learn more about this service.

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