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New & Improved Activation Flow

Internet Kit: Login to your Vidapay Dealer Account to purchase the Internet Kit

To Activate the Kit :

•  Login to your Vidapay Dealer Account & Click on Activations, Find & Click the Xfinity Button. Website Link:  https://www.vidapay.com/
• or,  Login to the XFinity Dealer Portal & Follow the screen prompts. Website Link:  https://www.xfinityprepaid.net/dealer/dealeravailability.html?ver=5.5

Kit Cost:  Dealer Cost $59

Suggested MSRP: $80, however dealers can sell at their own price

Commission: $10 (Activation spiff)

Activations & Refills: Login to your Vidapay Dealer Account to complete the Activation Process or to load a Refill


Plans30 days - $45 | 15 days - $15


Refill 30 days: $45 - 10% discount ($4.50) Dealer cost: $40.50

Refill 15 days: $15 - 10% discount ($1.50) Dealer cost: $13.50    


• $10 instant activation spiff

• 10% Discount on ALL refills (dealer will also receive 10% discount for all walk-in refills, not just for kits activated via their account)

• Dealers must maintain a minimum of 3 kits uploaded to their inventory to be included in the Xfinity store locator site.


It is a flexible and predictable option that accommodates individual lifestyles and financial needs, while giving customers more control over their monthly bills and easy access to Internet and TV whenever they need it.


  • No annual contract

  • One-time equipment fee

  • No installation fees

  • No late fees

  • No monthly equipment rental fees

  • No Social Security number or credit check required

  • No deposit needed or required


  • Residential customers only

  • Must be a serviceable address

  • Home must be pre-wired (hot/cold tap)

  • Cannot combine Prepaid and postpaid Xfinity services

  • Bulk customers are ineligible

Prepaid customers can refill their service by:

  • Using the Prepaid app

  • Signing in to xfinityprepaid.com

  • Visiting an Xfinity Prepaid retailer or select Xfinity stores

• Which customers are Prepaid services good for?

• How are you working Prepaid services into your conversation with customers?

• Are you encouraging customers to download the Prepaid App or sign in at xfinityprepaid.com to monitor their bill and refill their service?

• Stream music and video on multiple devices

• Attend video meetings

• Send/receive email

• Download apps

• Upload content to social media

Current postpaid customers cannot add Prepaid products to their existing account.

  • I understand if you don’t want to provide your Social Security number today. We still want to provide you with Xfinity services, so let me tell you about our Prepaid Internet option and why it could be a good fit for you today.

  • I understand if you are not able to pay the back balance associated with your account today. Let me tell you about our Prepaid Internet option and why it could be a good solution for you.

  • I understand if you don’t want to enter into an annual contract or have a monthly fee. Prepaid Internet may be a great solution for you since there is no annual contract, you get more control over your payments, and get access to Internet when you need.

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