We understand that staying connected with reliable wifi while traveling for business or on vacation is a top priority. Regardless of location or network provider (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.), it’s now possible to always have the best connection available. 

Because the service is based on a wireless 4G LTE connection, speeds vary based on network coverage, tower proximity, and network traffic. While we cannot guarantee exact speeds, we can tell you that our customers on average enjoy speeds of 15 to 35 Mbps. Our plan does allow for speeds up to 100 Mbps, however, speeds above 50 Mbps are not average in most locations.

No and no! Our plan does not require a contract and we will not run your credit to set up service. Our plan is based on 30 days of service, paid for in advance. Each payment you make will cover you for the next 30 days of service, after your current 30 days ends.

Unfortunately, we do not provide service to Canada or other countries at this time. We do offer coverage throughout the 50 states.

Devices uses dynamic IP addresses that might place your specific location outside of your local area. If you plan on using streaming services for local programming, this may prevent you from streaming local channels from your locality. Please reach out for addition information.

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